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When buying a new handset or replacing the old one, a question usually comes to our mind. What would you do with the old one? Let us answer this question for you. Simply sell your mobile phone. The reason is that it has some resale value and mobile phone recycling companies will buy it.

To search for the top mobile phone recycling website that will pay you a high amount of cash, look no further than “Sell My Mobile”  is a platform that offers high-end services so that you can get the highest price for your mobile phone by comparing the offered prices of numerous recycling companies.

Why Should I Choose SellTheMobile to Sell My Mobile Phone?

SellTheMobile has made it very easy to sell mobile phone of any make and model in the UK. No matter, whether you have an old phone which you no longer use, a faulty one, or a broken phone, you can sell it and get instant cash in return.

Best price is guaranteed at SellTheMobile. We ensure that you earn the highest amount of cash by making a fair comparison of mobile phone recycling companies for mobile phone trade-in.

Further, our quick selling procedure saves time and cuts hassle by providing you with the price quotes from various mobile phone recycling companies at one place. On the other hand, it’s really time and energy consuming if you look for different recycling companies one by one.

How Can I Sell My Old Phone for Cash?

Advancement in the high-tech devices has initiated the problem of electronic waste which is negatively impacting our environment. For buying a new mobile phone, you have to get rid of the older one and the best way is to sell your old phone. Most of the mobile phones that you sell are either reused or refurbished and sold again. Those mobile phones that are damaged and cannot be brought into use again are disposed of in an environment-friendly way through the mobile phone recycling companies.

How Can I Sell My Broken Phone Through SellTheMobile?

For selling mobile phones through SellTheMobile, all you need to do is to enter your phone name and model into the top search box and a list of top-rated mobile recycling websites will pop up.  All these recyclers are willing to pay you the highest value for your broken, not-in-use phone. Be sure to compare the available prices to sell your phone. Pick up the right deal by clicking on “Sell Now” button. After this, you have to send your phone to the selected mobile phone recycling company and you will get paid soon.

Don’t Forget to Compare Mobile Phone Recycling Prices

If you are ready to sell your mobile phone at SellTheMobile, be sure to compare mobile phone recycling prices. Our online unbiased and impartial comparison will truly help you to sell your phone at the maximum price.

Is Sell The Mobile a trusted company?

As we have more users than any other mobile phone recycling company, it is obvious that we are highly trusted and always offer the best comparisons that our customers have come to expect from us. We offer the best level of customer care service and selling options that no one else can match!

What are the advantages of using SellTheMobile?

There are plenty of advantages of using Sell The Mobile. Some of the main advantages are:

Top Price

We guarantee our valuable customers 100% price satisfaction. Nobody compares prices from as many mobile phone buying sites as we do.

Best Price Guarantee

We offer our ‘Best Price Guarantee’ without any hesitation.

Unbiased Price Comparisons

If you are our customer then you can have full confidence in our impartiality when it comes to comparing prices.Trust this, we are on your side.

How do we test the mobile phones?

Our listed mobile phone recycling companies have their own testing centres. Once they receive your mobile phone, they will check and test it completely.

Do these buyers buy on other websites also?

Please bear this in mind that, our listed mobile phone recycling partners, exclusively deal with and no one else. That means that you can’t have access to them on any other site!

Can I sell multiple mobile phones?

You can sell as many mobile phones as you want. You are free to use our online services as many times as you like.

What steps should I follow before selling my mobile?

Before sending your phone for sale, make a backup of your data and then wipe it clean. And then dispatch it to your chosen mobile phone recycling company.

Why should I recycle my mobile phone?

First and the foremost reason is that it helps the environment. If a mobile phone is not disposed of properly it ends up damaging the environment. Moreover, Recycling your old mobile phone can get you handsome cash.

How do I get posting material to send my mobile phone?

It’s very easy, in fact, you can send your mobile phone to recycle without leaving your couch. When you confirm the order, the selected mobile phone company will send you a postage envelope at your provided address. The postage envelope generally takes 1-3 days to arrive.

Are all the listed mobile phone recycling companies legit?

All the listed mobile phone companies are totally legit. We properly and carefully vet these companies before publishing their offers. So you don’t need to worry about it and sell your old mobile phone without any hassle.

What are the quality standards observed at SellTheMobile?

We strictly monitor the customer care service provided to our buyers to ensure that our respected customer’s get the highest quality service. We believe that respecting and treating our customers in the way that they deserve is an essential part of doing a business.

What accessories should I send with my phone in the postage envelope?

It is suggested that you send all the accessories that come with your mobile phone. These accessories include the battery, charger, and data cable. And if you have the original box of your phone, then don't forget to send it because it will increase the value of your mobile phone.

For how many days my price quote will remain valid?

Your price quote will remain valid for a period of 30 days. When the mobile phone recycling company receives your mobile phone, it will send you a confirmation email.

Can I sell my brand new mobile phone too?

Yes, you can sell your brand new mobile as well. New mobile phones will get you the most money.

What type of mobile phones I can recycle?

You can recycle a phone from any brand if it’s fully working as well as if its damaged and meets our acceptance criteria. You can check the price of your phone by visiting SellTheMobile website. Please note that water damaged phones, physically broken and cracked screen phones might not yield that much cash.

My phone is not listed on your website, what to do?

It is quite possible that very old and out-of-date mobile phones might not be listed on SellTheMobile. Apart from this, if your mobile phone is still not listed then maybe the recyclers have not yet started buying the particular model. In such cases, please keep visiting our website for the latest developments in this regard.

Can you tell me the difference between a Broken and Working Phone?

The difference between a working mobile phone and broken mobile phone varies, depending on the terms and conditions given by the recyclers. But there are few rules of thumb.

Your mobile phone is considered to be a working phone if:

-      There is no issue in Turning ON and OFF the mobile phone.

-          It’s working normally.

-          Except for a few scratches on your mobile phone, most of the body is undamaged.

-          Having a working screen

-          A full working battery.

The recycler will treat this kind of phone as a good condition mobile phone and will pay you accordingly.

Your mobile phone will count as Broken, if:

-          Has a broken, cracked screen

-          Doesn’t switch ON

-          Major dents on the mobile phone body

-          Has a corrupt operating system.

-          Has broken, faulty buttons, damaged speakers.

-          Doesn’t have a battery inside it.

However, if your mobile phone is broken in two pieces then you may not get paid because of the unsellable conditions. These are general rules, we recommend you to double check the buyer’s terms and conditions about the product you are selling before making any deal.

I’ve sent my phone but I have not received the payment?

We are a clearinghouse that allows you to see the price comparisons for many mobile phone recycling companies that offer to buy your mobile phone. Once you choose a company and accept its offer, you must deal directly with that recycling company. Our recycling associate companies offer excellent customer service quality so you should not hesitate to contact them directly and post your query there.

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