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What happens when I Sell My Tablet?

Once we receive your tablet, it will be inspected by our team of technicians to make sure the condition of the tablet matches your evaluation. After successful inspection, you will get paid via cheque or bank transfer. Please visit ‘Payment Method’ column for more details.

What happens if my tablet is Damaged?

At SellTheMobile, we offer unique service through which you can sell your tablet even if it’s broken or damaged. So, if your tablet has a broken screen, faulty keyboard or any other issue, just visit SellTheMobile and get a quote for your tablet.

What to do before selling my Tablet?

It is recommended that before sending your broken or faulty tablet to SellTheMobile, make sure to Wipe Clean it entirely. Backup your data, factory reset the tablet to make it ready to dispatch.

What if my tablet is not listed at SellTheMobile?

Very old and out-of-date tablets are not listed on the website. Apart from this if your tablet is still not listed then it is possible that the recyclers have not yet started offering prices for that particular model. In such cases please keep visiting our website for the latest developments in this regard.

Why should I sell my Tablet to Recycling companies?

Many of us surely want the latest and upgraded tablets which results in our old tablets resting in drawers as we don’t need them anymore. Selling your old, broken tablet to recycling companies is quick and hassle free way to generate some cash. Find your tablet’s make and model using search bar and the result will show you the best offered prices by top recyclers.

How much is my tablet worth?

Your tablet’s price depends on numerous factors, such as:

- Your tablet’s model

- Internal storage capacity

- Age of your tablet

- Physical condition of your tablet

The best condition tablets get best prices from UK’s top recyclers.

How can I send my tablet to a recycler?

Once you confirm the sale of your tablet, the recycler you choose will send postage envelope to your provided address through Free or Special Postage Service. It usually takes 1-3 days to arrivethe postage envelope at your address. And if it doesn’t, contact the recycler company immediately.

How will I get paid?

Most of the recycling companies will send you the payment same day they received and examined your tablet. Also please keep in mind that every mobile phone recycling company has its own terms and conditions regarding payment of a device.

Can my stolen or lost tablet be sold at SellTheMobile?

The answer is NO. SellTheMobile doesn’t purchase or list those tablets which are reported as stolen or lost.

What accessories do I need to send with my tablet?

It is suggested to send any accessory you have, like charger of your tablet, original box,

earphones etc. However, it’s not mandatory to send accessories. Also, it is requested that you send your fully charged tablet as this will speed up the technicians’ inspection process.

How long does a price quote remain valid?

Once you complete the checkout process and get a price quote, we respect that quote for a time period of one month (30 days). You will receive confirmation email when your tablet is received. Note this thing that most of the recycling companies don’t operate on weekends and holidays, so make sure to send your tablet far enough in advance to ensure a weekday delivery.

How many tablets can I sell?

If you have multiple tablets and you want to recycle them then you can use our service to sell all of these. You can recycle as many tablets as you want.

How old do I have to be to sell my tablet?

It is advised that you must be 18 years of age or older to be able to sell or recycle your tablet.

How to contact SellTheMobile Company?

Visit SellTheMobile website. Click Contact Us tab at the bottom of the page. On the Contact Us page, fill up the form to send your query and we will get back to you ASAP. Or you can visit them physically at their Registered office: 86-90 Paul Street, London,Ec2A 4NE.

Is iCloud or Google locked tablet accepted?

No, we do not purchase any tablet which is Google or iCloud locked.

What happens to my data stored on the tablet?

Before placing your order we suggest that you erase all the data from your tablet, but if you forget to do so, we will do this on your behalf. We reset your table to factory settings and clean all the data.

Can I take out the battery before sending the tablet?

No, you cannot do so because the battery must be included in the package, to enable you to receive the original offered cash.

Can I Sell My iPad or Samsung Tablet? is pleased to offer you a platform where you can sell your tablet online and make profit. It doesn’t matter, if you own an Apple iPad or a Samsung tablet or whatever the condition is, you can sell them here at fantastic prices. We offer you an unbiased and impartial comparison of top-rated recycling companies willing to pay you the most cash when you sell your old tablets of any popular brand.

How Can I Sell My Tablet Online Through SellTheMobile?

We, at SellTheMobile, provide you a quick and convenient way to sell your tablet online. The entire selling procedure requires a few clicks, so you can truly experience a hassle-free selling process at SellTheMobile.

To sell your tablet in the UK, all you need to do is to search for your tablet by entering its make and model into the top search box or simply choose your tablet from the above-mentioned products. A list of high paid recycling companies will be shown in a tabular form, so you can easily compare their offered prices to choose from. Select a right deal that will help you in generating the most cash! After this, you just have to send your tablet to the chosen company and you will get your payment very soon.  So, don’t look further than SellTheMobile whether you want to sell iPad or Samsung tablet. We guarantee you will definitely generate handsome cash in return.

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