Device condition

Your device has not been used and is still sealed in its original packaging, along with the accompanying accessories (e.g. earphones).

Every part of your device needs to be working as it did when it was new, (e.g. charging port still needs to work). It can have signs of use, but cannot have any chips, dents, or cracks.If the screen is blurry/damaged/cracked it is considered as faulty.

Your device can have a cracked screen or casing, and show heavy signs of use. If it doesn’t power up or has liquid damage, then check with the recycler as they may not accept it.

Sell my Samsung Galaxy S9 64GB

Step 1: Compare Prices

Step 2: Send your phone

Step 3: Get paid!

Recycler & ratingEach recyler have rating which is on the basis of their interaction and services they provide to their customer.

How you’d send your phoneStep1:company will send you free postage pack Step2:Remove all codes from your phone Step 3:Put your phone in free postage pack and paste lable inside the pack on top of parcel Step 4:Send the phone on the address given on lable.

How long until you’re paidOnce company receives your phone it will be tested by technical team after that a final value will be qouted to you and once you show your concent immediate payment will be transferred into your account

Payment methods available to youEach company supports different types of payment methods which you can see in table given below, Usually companies support bank transfer, Payment via Cheque, Payment via Paypal

Amount you’d be paidGiven below is the amount you will get from selected recycling company. Please note final value will be based on your phone's condition

RecycleClick on Sell Now button if you agree on all the available services and prices mentioned by Recycler

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Sell My Samsung Galaxy S9 64GB


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Below is our reliable and swift mobile recycling procedure that you have to follow to sell your phone at an amazing price:


      Step 1: Search For Your Phone

                 Search for your handset by entering its name and model. A list of top mobile phone recycling websites will be shown on the screen, which is interested in buying your phone.

      Step 2: Compare the Deal

                  We assure you that our unbiased and impartial price comparison services will provide you top cash deals so that you can choose the right one among them.

      Step 3: Get Your Cash

                  Pick up a Perfect deal! Then, you have to send your mobile phone to the chosen mobile recycling company via the Free Postage package. They will pay you money after receiving and inspecting your phone.


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Why Should I Sell My Old Samsung Galaxy S9 64GB?

This is the frequently asked question, & we are going to answer why you should sell your Samsung Galaxy S9 64GB. The launch of the new model has made the existing phone an obsolete one. When we talk about mobiles, everyone wants to have the latest model of it in their pockets. Instead of letting your existing mobile phone become a waste, it is better to sell it and make some cash out of it and you can invest it for buying the latest model or whatever you want. SellTheMobile provides you the best options to sell old Galaxy S9 64GB. There are a lot of mobile phone recycling and buying companies that are interested in buying this particular model of mobiles. So in order to make the most cash out of your mobile, it is highly recommended to browse through SellTheMobile and choose the best deal.