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There’s a smarter alternative to get rid of your old mobile phones - sell them through SellTheMobile. It is a fast-growing mobile phone selling comparison platform where you can compare prices to sell your phone at the best price.

Planning to Sell Your Mobile Phone Online? Compare Mobile Phone Recycling

With a lot of online selling options available, it is no longer a difficult task to sell your mobile phone. But in order to get the maximum cash out of your used mobile phone, you need to fully understand the online selling techniques.

Before selling your mobile phone online, you must have to ensure that you are dealing with a reliable and trustworthy site. Also, you need to make sure that you are being paid enough and there is no one else out there who is ready to pay you more for your phone.

When it comes to being a trustworthy, reliable, and maximum paying site, you can’t find a place better than It is the UK’s best website to compare mobile phone recycling that enables you to find out the prices offered by all the recycling companies, just with one click. We offer a neutral comparison that helps you to choose the right deal.

Customers’ Queries

Have you any queries about mobile phone recycling comparison? Here are the answers to some of the questions that are frequently being asked by the new customers at SellTheMobile.

Can I Sell My Old Mobile Phone for Cash?

Yes, If you are planning to get a new phone, then you can’t just make the old one a waste but can get some cash for it. At SellTheMobile, we allow you to compare the offered prices of various mobile phone recycling companies so that you can easily select the best one to sell your old mobile phone. We ensure that you will get the best price for your used mobile.

Can I Sell Broken Phone for Cash?

Yes, you can also sell the broken phones at SellTheMobile. No matters whatever is the condition of your phone, either it is slightly damaged, completely broken or a dead phone, you can definitely fetch some cash for it.

SellTheMobile is an ultimate platform to look for mobile recycling companies that will accept your mobile phone in any condition and pay you some extra cash in return.

How Can I Sell My Phone for Top value?

The highest price is guaranteed at SellTheMobile. We eliminate all hassles that you may have to face if you browse different mobile phone recycling companies individually. We offer you a just-one-click solution that enables you to compare numerous recycling websites in one place. It’s a matter of minutes to get the highest value for your broken or damaged phone.

How Can I Sell My Phone Through SellTheMobile?

We offer you the easiest and simplest way to sell your phone. All you need to do is to search for the mobile phone, which you want to sell, in the search box given at the top of the page. We will provide you the price and other essential details of the mobile phone recycling or buying companies in one place.

At SellTheMobile, you will find an unbiased and impartial sell mobile phone comparison of all the top-paying companies. After having a look at the deals being offered by these recyclers, you will have to select the one best deal to sell your phone. Once you choose the company you will just post your old phone to them. Mostly the buying companies offer free postage. Upon receiving your phone, the recycling company will send you the cash.

Tips to Consider Before Selling Your Mobile Phone

  • To avail the highest resale value for your mobile phone later, it is advised you should keep the original box, cables, manual, and software intact carefully.
  • And before you sell, don’t forget to remove your personal data. It can be done through the device’s general setting, selecting a factory reset to wipe the data.

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