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Frequently Asked Questions


Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions page. It is our utmost desire that all of your questions are answered. On this page, you will find a list of the questions that we hear most often from our valued clients. If after reading this information, you still have additional questions, don’t hesitate to ask.


What is all about?


SellTheMobile is the UK’s most trusted and most rapidly growingcomparison site that compares offers from different recyclers. Our goal is to provide the highest level of customer service as well as the best possible price when you choose to sell your used mobile phone. We have associations and relationships with the best priced mobile phone recyclers and we help our customers in comparingall of them and get the best price possible.


How can I find my phone’s price?


Just choose the manufacturer from our list of top mobile phone manufacturers, then choose appropriate model of your mobile phone or device that you wish to sell. You will be provided with a comparison list of recyclers and buy-back companies listing the prices that each offers. It is as easy as that!


You may also use our convenient search box and enter the manufacturer and model name and receive a detailed list of comparisons to choose from.


What if my mobile phone or device is broken or damaged? Can I still sell it?


Yes, even non-functional or broken phones still have some value to recycling companies. When you look up the price on SellTheMobile, simply choose the “broken” column in the price comparison chart and you can find out the price for your non-working phone or device.


Of course, the amount that you get for your broken phone will be based on how damaged it is. Those mobiles that only have minor damages will earn more and those that are completely non-functional will earn much less.


What accessories should I send when I recycle my mobile?


Listed along with the price offer from each company will be the specific accessory conditions and requirements that are expected for each accessory. Typically, accessories such as batteries and chargers are often accepted but check each company’s requirements.


Am I required to pay postage and handling?


Some recyclers may offer free postage, but not all. Sometimes the buyer is required to pay the postage.


How do I get paid?


Mode of payment also varies from company to company, but the most common methods are by Cheque or Bank transfer.Some buyersmay offer additional options.


Please review the “payment method” column when you check the price comparison for the recycling company that you choose to use.


What if my mobile phone is not listed on your site?


Often when a phone is quite old or out-of-date, recycling companies no longer offerbuy-backs on those models. In the case of a very new phone that is not listed, it may be that recyclers have not yet begun to offer prices for that model, but in that case check back soon and you will most likely see the model listed.


I’ve sent my phone but I have not received my money?


SellTheMobile is a platform that generates price comparisons from many recyclersoffering to buy-back your mobile. Once you choose a company and accept their offer, you must deal directly with that recycling company.


Our recycling associate companies offer excellent quality of customer service so you should not hesitate to contact them directly and pose your query.


I still have questions!


If you have additional questions, please feel free to visit our Contact Us page to receive additional information on how to get your questions answered.

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